Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Release: Lore of Arcana Omnibus

It's finally available, all four Arcana books in one place!


From a Land of Skies isolated in space to civilisations flourishing underground, from a chaos curtain to sacred sites, the Arcana series delves from the deep and forgotten past into a speculative future. But Time cannot be measured; time moves between realms and reality in a fashion contradictory to participants of this present, and exposes creatures of myth and legend, and fabled figures thought lost to antiquity.

Lore of Arcana uncovers profound secrets and mysteries, but the true connection that serves to bind is the great Maghdim Medaillon, the Secret Wisdom able to breech realms and time.

One man strides through all, Maghdim Medaillon in one hand, sword in the other. He is the Pathfinder, Keeper of the Dragon, the ultimate architect and elixir of life. He is the secret and the kingdom and the sacred space. He is Lifegiver and Destroyer. This is Rayne’s journey, he who is also Torrullin, descendent of a mighty bloodline.

The Lore of Arcana Omnibus includes The Infinity Mantle, The Kinfire Tree, The Drowned Throne and The Dragon Circle, as well as the Secret Remedies.

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