Friday, September 11, 2015

Reaume's Omnibus is now available!

Now in one book!

The Kallanon Scales, The Nemisin Star, The Sleeper Sword and The Dreamer Stones, as well as Realm Walker.


From the realms of prophecy and reincarnation to the reality of Warlocks, Witches and Darak Ors, from dreams to the scrying bowl, from thrones to forest clearings, the Reaume series journeys through, and finely weaves, fact and fantasy.

A city of stone is created to obscure an abyss able swallow worlds, and is discovered in a place forbidden to all. An ancient map leads them there, and it changes the future. Lore of Reaume exposes ancient kingdoms and shadowy spheres of influence.

While objects of power come forth to manipulate and threaten, among them the Dragon Taliesman, the mighty Valleur Throne, the swords called Lumin, Catharsis and Nemesis, the true connection is the great Maghdim Medaillon, a magical device thought forever lost. Realms entwine when slim fingers one day finds the golden coin hidden in a sterile desert.

One man strides through all Lore. Torrullin is the Pathfinder, Keeper of the Dragon, the ultimate architect and elixir of life. He is a walker through realms, a wanderer through time and the harbinger of change. He is Lifegiver and Destroyer. Beware the Pathfinder … and know he is not alone.

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