Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The King's Challenge #48

TKC 48

We cover three times the distance with the horse and by nightfall reach the ruined inn many travellers halt at after leaving the hinterland.

The ruin has a roof, which shelters us from the incessant rain. While the wind howls through broken panes and the gaping door, we are warmer and drier than in many days. The horse joins us inside, snuffling contentedly at grass Damin gathers. He is less wild now, as if proximity to people has given him hope.

Our fire is bright.

“You father was a Delver too?” I ask after we have eaten.

Damin nods. “He taught me and from him I heard of other talents also, including yours.”

“Damin, does this mean my mother was talented also?”

“Your grandmother was a Sage, apparently. I believe your mother knows the lore, but did not receive a gift.” He gazes at me in the flickering light. “It is nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Not now, I agree,” I murmur. “The society we grew up with changes.” I take a breath. “You were not surprised when Emily called me an Elemental.”

Damin is unblinking. “You may have all four facets. We do not need a Rainmaker now, but we may in the future. As for Sage? Have you not ‘seen’ what is coming?”

I look away. I have, yes, but I thought it instinct based on logic. “Why does this happen to me now? You discovered your gift years ago.”

“Need, Lyra. It comes forth when the need arises.”

I look at him. “What need caused you to hear me singing at the river?”

Damin grins. “I was moon eyes in love with you. I needed to know how to talk to you.”

I roll my eyes and start laughing. “I had such a crush on you too!”

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