Sunday, September 13, 2015

The King's Challenge #45

TKC 45

Talk is strained, largely because Damin does not know how to behave. He maintains and expressionless attitude and speaks without inflection, even when revealing to Alyssa what the situation is. When he speaks of the danger heading our way from the heavens, his tone is so neutral even I do not believe him. Alyssa eyes him doubtfully, as does her sister Emily, and I cannot help myself. I burst out laughing.

“Lyra, you are not helping!” Damin rounds on me. It is the first real emotion he has shown since we met Alyssa.

Shaking my head, I say, “You convince no one with your deadpan face. Speak from your heart, Damin.”

He glares at me. “My heart? Really? My heart says stuff all this and get a move on south. Those who want to come, do so, and those who do not are wasting my time. This is a fine margin, Lyra. We need to make choices.”

I glare right back, arms akimbo. “I feel the urgency, as you do, but I am going back to Grenmassin to get folk moving.” I look up at the heavens and point emphatically. “I wish the clouds would vanish! If they could see it, maybe we will not need to …”

Light suddenly surrounds me. I am still looking up and I see the dark clouds part as if commanded. A circle of blue forms overhead and sunlight pours through.

The sight paralyses me. It is not only the light, but the fact that something out there seems to have heard me. I stare up, my jaw slack.

Darkness returns seconds later. The blue hole vanishes and I feel abandoned by the fates. When I lower my head, Damin is smiling.

Alyssa whispers, “It shone on you alone. Who are you?”

“An Elemental,” Emily breathes.

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