Sunday, September 27, 2015

The King's Challenge #59

TKC 59

Hanna reveals we need to make haste to Arc.

Joseph says, “That is why I am here.” He unrolls the scroll. “This does not tell you how to get there, but it does tell you what is there.”

It is a small map, filled with contours. It is about high and low ground, rivers and lakes. I see a few symbols also. I admit, I do not see how it helps.

“The tale is in the symbols.” Joseph flips it over to point to the legend on the back. Each symbol is explained.

The warm glow erupts inside me as I see the word ‘Spire’ beside a line with a squiggle around it. Reaching over, I turn back to the map to see the same symbol marked in at a high point. “How old is this?” I whisper.

“I cannot say, but my grandfather told me it is from before the empires of the Ilfin and Glonu.” Joseph rolls it up and hands it to me. “It is yours now, my lady.”

“Why?” I blurt.

“The legend states the two-eyed raised the spire and only a two-eye may enter again. This then does not belong to me.” He glances then at Hanna. “Few of us know of the underground path, but Hanna does. Both of us have a long family history in the Messengers and we know the untold ways. It is difficult, but will take days off your journey.”


“Indeed. I hope you are not scared of the dark.” Joseph stands and gestures. “Eat. I shall gather what you require.” He swiftly leaves us.


She sighs. “It is a single file path, Lyra. To herd the others through will result in a line so long, most of them will not exit the tunnel in time on the other side.”

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