Thursday, September 3, 2015

The King's Challenge #35

TKC 35

Around midday Damin and I leave the miserable gathering on the rise. Damin has informed them of the fort and supplies and that Mirlin will lead them there. Much else is said and many demand I stay with them, but finally we make our way up a winding path onto the plateau.

We hope to reach Normur by nightfall. Although exhausted, walking in daylight is safer for us.

“You were very surprised to see me,” I say after about a mile. The terrain is rocky, but is infinitely easier to traverse than a soggy marsh. It continues to rain.

“Are you still thinking about that?” Damin sounds amused. “I needed to act surprised, Lyra.”

I guess that is the truth. He could not exactly blurt out he ‘summoned’ me from the hinterland. I move to a different subject. “Do you trust Mirlin?”

“He has something hidden, I am aware, but our goals are the same at this point.”

“Hmm, good. How does he know so much?”

Damin looks at me. “They are more open about history in the west and south. He was able to study. They are freer, although he admits few listen to his warnings about the eye in the sky. People are complacent, prefer their comfortable surroundings, much like us, not so?”

I come to a stop. “Damin, what if we are wrong? What if the asteroid passes us by and we have caused upheaval everywhere for no reason.”

“It may pass us by,” Damin responds. “What we know isn’t an exact science, and yet I would rather be walking to a haven and be wrong than simply die because I refused to listen. And there is this. We will reconnect with others again. We may even have the strength to change the future for everyone. That is upheaval many will hark to.”

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