Monday, August 1, 2016


Ilfin of Arc 1

SEEING THEIR EMPRESS in a dead faint, the Glonu generals reached for their weapons.
“Stay your hands!” Commander Gennerin snarled. The threat of death was implicit in his tone. He added, “Allin, remove everyone from this space.”
As the corporal stepped up, the Glonu with his goatee growled, “We are not leaving the Empress.”
“You are not leaving her,” His Majesty murmured, “merely allowing her space to recover. Second one of your men to watch over her with us, but please wait outside.”
After a moment the Glonu nodded once. Gesturing to the man beside him to remain, he led the other generals out. The Ilfin vacated the space also, barring the king, his daughter and Mirlin. Commander Gennerin left as well, probably to play the diplomat outside.
In the silence, all attention returned to Enris kneeling with Leffandir in his arms.
“She expended everything to summon me,” Enris murmured. “She needs rest.”
“Will she recover?” the Glonu asked.
“Yes,” Enris snapped, looking up to glare at the man. “What is your name?”
“I am Captain Glen.”
“Captain, please inform your superiors we are moving her to a suite where she may rest. You have the word of the Makar she will not be harmed.”
The Glonu stared at Enris for many moments before he eventually inclined his head and left the conference room. When he opened the door, the hubbub outside nearly deafened, but mercifully the door closed on him swiftly.
“Where is Coltern?” Iniri demanded.
“Massin,” Enris murmured, returning his attention to the woman in his arms.
Mirlin, who was still on his knees beside his prince, asked, “What happened?”
Grunting, Enris struggled up with Leffandir in his arms. “We can discuss it later.” He headed for the exit opposite to the one the others employed. “Iniri, I need you.”
Swallowing markedly, she hastened to him and hit the button to open the door. A thousand questions obviously burned her tongue, for the strain of not asking them was written on her face. Mirlin watched brother and sister leave, wishing with all he was to accompany them.
To his everlasting relief, King Linus said, “Go with them, Mirlin. I will finish the negotiations here.”

Without replying, Mirlin strode across the space to follow his prince.

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