Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ILFIN #finalchapter

There is one chapter remaining in our daily challenge, but it won't be posted at this point. I know you're wondering how The King's Challenge ends, but there needs to be some mystery left to discover in the actual book! The only 'episode' I have yet to write is the Epilogue, which will remain under wraps for now as well. Promise, I will post both the final chapter and the Epilogue 3 to 4 months after publication; if you don't have your own copy (you'll be missing out on the extras, I tell you), then check back for the ending later!

Stay tuned, though, for the Prologue. It's written, but may still change a bit before I am happy with the end result (must still do the final edit). As the Prologue is quite long, I'll post it in three parts - enjoy!

P.S.: the final chapter is set in this kind of environment ;)


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