Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Ilfin 2

The guest suites on the command carrier were more sumptuous than the officers’ quarters. Enris laid Leffandir into the firm softness of a large bed, covered her and motioned Iniri and Mirlin into the sitting room area. Leaving the bedroom door open, he joined them.
“Glonu are adept at soul capture; that is how she summoned me and is also how I appeared in the place of that summons.” Enris lifted a hand when Iniri made to speak. “Because Coltern and I were linked, she successfully recalled him as well. He is fine, I promise, just currently without the transport necessary to join us here.”
“Where is he?” Iniri whispered.
“Grenmassin.” Enris pulled a face, knowing well it was not the most comforting place to wait. Grenmassin was now a burnt out village containing the ghosts of the past. “He is not alone, Iniri. Artur is there, and so are the surviving members of our team. Joseph, Hal, Hanna and Marian chose to accompany Artur when he stated a wish to return.”
Closing her eyes, Iniri nodded.
“What happened?” Mirlin asked as he flung himself into an armchair. Guest suites really had more on offer.
“The orb happened. When you bade it complete the transaction between the realms of life and death, it acted out of order. It took us, all three of us, to another place. Leffandir reversed it, thank the stars.”
“Where did you go?” Iniri breathed. She stood in the centre of the space, twisting her finger together. She was on edge.

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