Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Ilfin 5

“Way too esoteric for me,” Iniri muttered with some asperity. “However, whatever, we need deal with our present and it includes the Glonu Empress asleep in the other room.”
Enris shrugged. He seemed to have run out of words.
“She cared enough to find you,” Iniri murmured.
“Maybe, but there is too much separating us.” Enris leaned back and closed his eyes. “I am more at peace, though, after the revelations surrounding the birth of our daughter, and thus able to move forward without the guilt. Hopefully Leffandir will, too.”
“I have made my peace with that past, yes,” the woman under discussion said from the doorway. She swayed slightly and grabbed at the jamb. “Now we need to make peace, Enris, between our worlds. Once that is achieved there may be a future for me and you also.”
He stared at her across the small space. “Do you seek that future?”
“I do,” she whispered.
Enris lurched to his feet and strode to her, taking her into his arms. Rocking together, they held each other.
Mirlin gestured with his head and, smiling, Iniri followed his lead.
The two left.

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