Monday, August 1, 2016

The King's Challenge Update - I know you're wondering!

After finishing episode 366 of our daily challenge, I gave it a few days before starting the big edit (after collating literally hundreds of episodes!). So many little details overlooked, wow! And a fair few cringe-worthy grammar mistakes! Having written daily purely on impulse, I'm sure you understand. We will catch most issues before the final is ready for publishing.

Now, it ended on a question, did it not? We ran out of episodes before we ran out of story!

Therefore, tune in now for ILFIN #1 - as the final chapters are written, I will post them here :) Note that the narrative has shifted from First Person to Third. Given the epic nature of Ilfin of Arc, it works much better this way. By the way, I urge you to grab a copy of the finished book; oooo, there are a few surprises inserted elsewhere!!!

ILFIN #1 follows after this post :)

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