Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Blood Red Nails of War

Tale 8 from The Secrets of Castle Drakon by Hannah Warren

Historical – WWI – this is the tale of headstrong Elle, her twin brother Jacques, and Agnes, the ethereal Swedish beauty adopted by her French stepfather. Castle de Drakὀn brings them together, first as teenagers, with disastrous results when both brother and sister fall in love with Agnes, and then later when the old chateau is transformed into a war hospital and Agnes is a doctor, Jacques the administrator and Elle an ambulance driver often at the front to collect the wounded.

A beautifully composed story of history, turmoil, suffering and also hope set in the beautiful French countryside, a country torn when war comes. I am in awe of Hannah’s ability to take the reader into another era, to experience it as if we are right there. Absolutely brilliant. Very well done.

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