Sunday, July 19, 2015

For our souls - an excellent book

I would like to share something with you. Recently I was in frightened state of mind and a friend suggested I read this ...

I was blown away by how much this helped me. I feel stronger and more able to cope, because I now better understand how we function as humans, and I have discovered some pertinent advice about how to look at matters and how to protect myself when the way becomes a little dark.

Usually I don't bother much with 'self-help' books (there are exceptions, of course!) but this isn't so much about self-help as it is about understanding. We are ever seeking energy as souls in order to function and this tells us how it works and how we deal with it.

An eye-opener indeed! A soul opener, actually!

My review posted on Amazon, because I wanted to tell other potential readers to have a look. This book deserves it!

We all have our issues and most of us are afraid to confront them. Whether we are into new age stuff or belong to a formal religion, whether we profess no belief or every belief, we all have our issues.

This book opened my eyes. Not only does it discuss in a logical and readable way the spirit world and the beings inhabiting it, but it’s also to the point about those issues we struggle to deal with. The author logically explains how we are all connected, how we create both our negative and positive environments and inner selves, following it up with practical solutions and advice. This aids our relationships with our spouses, our children and others, explaining how our souls require energy in order to function. Often this energy is negative and we need to teach ourselves how to project and accept only positive energy.

What I took away from this was awareness. I now better understand myself and those around me. I also took away that love heals all, if only we will allow it to.

You need to read this. Please read this. We do not all believe the same, and yet there is so much common ground here, for we are all human and all of us need love in our lives. You do need to read this. Go on, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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