Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The King's Challenge #1


Night’s city lights have removed the stars from clear view and I am saddened by this. I miss the countryside with its silver spangles and cosmic spirals. Out there in the silence I am able to know myself; here I feel lost.

This is my choice, though, for duty has summoned me to this press of people. Somewhere out there I will find him. He came here to lose himself deliberately, I know this, but the time for selfishness has now passed. He needs to come home, as I need to return there. Together we can convince the others of escape, for I cannot do so alone. They do not listen to me, but they will at least come to hear his words and I may then speak through him. The trouble now is trying to convince him of my words when I do find him.

By the light of stars, I hope the others will hear also. Our time is now short.

Hearing the door open behind me, I turn. My meal has arrived. Striding forward to pay, I search for my purse in my pocket. I think my forceful actions scares the boy, for he steps back swiftly, his eyes growing bigger. Mother always said I need to control my movements, because I tend to frighten people with my personality. Too much like a man, Lyra, use your femininity more! Already they think you strange; don’t give them more reason to whisper about you behind your back.

Slowing my movements, I smile at the boy as I hand over the required coin, with an extra one for him. He swallows, nods, and makes himself rapidly scarce. Sighing, I sit to eat.

Potatoes coated in spice, with slivers of venison. Damin would love it. How do I find him?

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